Results of events held 10th October 2004
Page last updated: Thursday, 28 October, 2004
Well, i
t seems the wind was horrendous in most places!
Thanks to all those who braved the elements, and sorry for all those damaged kites (had a couple of repairs to do myself).

Considering I spend my time getting folk to "count people and kites" I have to admit to failing miserably at our event this year (there were mitigating circumstances). The figure below is therefore my "best guess".....

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Organised By: No of Kites Flown No of Fliers
Shrewsbury Fred Broadhead 94 38
Rougham Airfield SKF 307 142
Canterbury KKF 20 ?
Poole PKF 50 23
Lymme Park Tony Ridgeway 2 1
Coventry MKF (me) 70 perhaps? 50+
 Rufford Park  David Buckland  81  30
 Brighton  BKF  100+ 10 
Pontifract NKG 48 12
Otterspool NKG 285 72
Barbury Castle WHKF 37 20
 Peterborough  GOKF  29+ 29+
 Beverley  Sue & Eric Storey  14  6
Evesham Philip Roberts 113 38
I.O.M. William Jones 10 3

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