Events being held 9th October 2005
Everyone welcome!
This page is updated as event information comes in, which can mean "daily" during September and October...
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Flying Site
Nearest Town/City
Organised By
Contact For Information

  Ferry Meadows,
Nene Park
(start at 10am)

 Peterborough  Great Ouse Kite Flyers  Jill Ferrer
01733 563958
 Rougham Airfield
2 miles East of Bury St Edmunds
(start at 10am, count at 3pm)
 Bury St Edmunds  Suffolk Kite Fliers
Thorpe Kite Flyers 

 Rufford Abbey and Country Park
(near Ollerton)

 Nottingham Midlands Kite Fliers David Buckland
01246 864408

Midsummer Common
(this event has been re-scheduled, it now runs from 2nd to 5th of December)

Cambridge Kite and
Hot-air Balloon Festival

Tetrahedral Cathedral

Bernard Connell
07796 263393
or 'snailmail' sae to:
7 Wilson Close
or email via mark.woods

 Bewl Water Reservoir

Nr Lambhust, Kent
art of the
Bewl Water
Family Kite Weekend)

Kent Kite Flyers Gareth Williams
Sutton Park
(enter via Boldmere Gate)
Sutton Coldfield
 Birmingham Midlands Kite Fliers Ian Wilson
07961 810355

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