Events being held 8th October 2006
Everyone welcome!
This page is updated as event information comes in, which can mean "daily" during September and October...
Page last updated: Wednesday October 4, 2006 12:32
(sorry, but unless stated otherwise - buggies etc. are probably not catered for at these events)

Flying Site
Nearest Town/City
Organised By
Contact For Information
Barbury Castle
Country Park
Swindon WHKF Arthur Dibble
Rougham Airfield
(from 10am, count at 3pm)
2 miles East of
Bury St Edmunds
SKF with TKF Martin Corrie
01206 299560
Baiter Harbourside Park Poole, in Dorset PKF John Higgins
 Rufford Abbey  Ollerton, Notts MKF  David Buckland
 Sutton Park,
(Boldmere Gate)
 Sutton Coldfield MKF Ian Wilson
Epsom Down Race Track
(noon onwards)
Epsom  Fractured Axel F/Axel Forum

The War Memorial Park
(nothing "organised" as such - I'll be there from 11am if you fancy joining me)

Coventry MKF Jim Cronin

This will take you to my homepage - in case you came via a search which bypassed the site frameset...