Results of events held 12th October 2008
Page last updated: Thursday, 5 February, 2009
For once, it seems much of the uk was blessed with some splendid weather, tho a tad more wind would have been handy at times - many t
hanks to all who took part!

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Organised By: No of Kites Flown No of Fliers
 Botanical Gardens, Birmingham  MKF  187  Loads of children!
Memorial Park, Coventry MKF around 40 12
Shrewsbury Fred Broadhead 267 32
Dunstable Downs Helen Ribchester 11 + lots of kids kites! 8 + loads of kids!
Sumners Ponds Colin Marshall (BKF) 44 11
Yarmouth Thorpe KF 165 12
Rough Common, Canterbury KKF  30  14
 Crosby, Merseyside NKG  326  66
 Hamworthy Park, Poole PKF 66   17
 Rougham Airfield SKF 274  61
 Ferry Meadows GOKF  about 40 20
Rufford Abbey   MKF 163   95
 Jurby Airfield, IOM Bill Jones (MKF)  24  3

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